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For a guide to gods and religion, see Religious Tenets of the Congregation

The cosmology of Dreams of Hope is non-standard. The planes are:

  • Material (Mortal):
    • You are here.
    • The planet is Quartus, 4th from the star.
    • It has two moons, one red, one white.
    • The year is a little longer than ours, divided into 12 equal months (3 per season) of 4 8-day weeks each.
  • Astral (Celestial):
    • This sea of soul-energy (aether) contains the various realms of the Gods and angelic legions, as well as the homes of the Devil Families.
    • There are 16 major gods, each with several demigods/goddesses under them. These deities do not depend on mortal worship, but each have interests and plans on the Mortal Plane.
    • Angels serve the planes themselves, working to ward out threats from Beyond as well as rebellions from the Elemental Planes. They rarely interfere with the Mortal Plane.
    • Devils are organized into Families (reminiscent of the mafia). They are the main ones who handle issues on the Mortal Plane. Devils are not evil by default, but they do take payment in pieces of mortal souls and are, as such, dangerous.
  • Abyssal (Demonic):
    • The Abyss is the mirror of the Astral. A dark prison designed for ancient terrors, the abyss is currently inhabited by the Demon Princes and their followers, collectively “Demons”
    • There are 5 major Demon Princes. These survive by consuming mortal worship (and preferably their souls as well). Weaker than the gods, they interact with the Mortal plane through cults.
    • Demon worship or summoning is a capital crime in most civilized lands.
    • Demons are not necessarily evil, but their actions and schemes are rarely compatible with the current order of things.
  • Elemental:
    • The four standard elements, plus 8 para-elemental regions where the planes overlap.
    • Each is claimed by a Lord, but these claims are contested in most cases. Many of the fey creatures have allegiance to one of the elemental Lords.
    • Only habitable (without extreme precautions) near the borders.
  • Shadow:
    • The liminal plane, it forms the border between the Mortal plane and all other planes.
    • Souls of the dead go here; unless they are scooped up by the Gods or by demons they gradually fade away and their aether leaks back into the Astral to be reused for new souls.
    • Fey exist here as well.