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The playable races of the setting are (sub-races are included unless specifically excluded):

As an option, you may use the Player Option--Variant Races; if you do, you may choose an extended background from Player Option--Regional Backgrounds

Classes and Archetypes

All PHB, Sword Coast, or Xanathar's Guide classes and archetypes are allowed. Non-elf bladesingers are fine. Note that necromancy (specifically creation of undead) is frowned on strongly. Other UA or homebrew requires permission. Spells from Elemental Evil (pdf) and the Xanathar's Guide are allowed.

Technology and Magic Levels

Magic is common, but permanent magic items are rare. There is no ability to purchase most permanent magical items. Potions and other consumable magical items are purchasable in the larger cities.

Tool uses from Xanathar's Guide are in play, as are downtime rules.


House Rules:

See Default Houserules.


Most citizens of the FNC area speak Common of one dialect or another. This does not include most goblins or orcs not from the Remnant Dynasty. All characters start with proficiency in Common.

Other languages of note:

 Quick Cosmology Guide:

See Quick Planar Cosmology Guide

Gods and Religions Guide:

See Player's Guide--Nations and Cultures.

Area Map

See Area Map 210 AC